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About patient in conjunction with new coronavirus

Representative contact information Department of Public Health and Medical Affairs  Public Health and Medical Administration Office Medical Administration Division  Infectious disease group
Dial-in number: 06-6944-9157
E-mail address: [email protected]

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February 26, 2020

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 As infection of new coronavirus was confirmed in the Osaka Prefecture today (February 26), we will tell.
 This patient is person who is the same as patient whom we told on January 29.
 Discharge standard at the time did not assume inspection required at the time of discharge, but confirmed that we inspected after the discharge in the Osaka Prefecture based on notice (※) from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare dated just to make sure on February 3 and were negative.
 After hearing to the person, close contact does not have applicable person.

  ※Notice of kenkanhatsu 0203 No. 3 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare health station tuberculosis infectious disease Director dated February 3, 2020
  About "the handling of the prevention of infectious disease and discharge of new model coronavirus infectious disease patient in law about medical care for the patients with infectious disease and employment limit"
(1) The generation: 40s
(2) Sex: Woman
(3) Place of residence: Osaka Prefecture
(4) Symptom, progress 
      Saturday, February 1 discharge
   We carry out polymerase chain reaction test that there is a consultation cough in on Thursday, February 6 and confirm "negative"
   No Thursday, February 13 consultation symptom
   Wednesday, February 19 nodo sense of incongruity and chest pain
   Friday, February 21 consultation nodo sense of incongruity and chest pain
   Saturday, February 22 consultation nodo sense of incongruity and chest pain
   Tuesday, February 25 consultation nodo sense of incongruity and chest pain 
      We carry out polymerase chain reaction test on Wednesday, February 26, and inspection positive becomes clear
(5) Action career: We make mask wearing and do not work every day.
       After the discharge, we were taking a rest at home.

[to citizens of prefecture]
 We ask you to act for normal infectious disease measures such as thorough cough etiquette and hand-washing sequentially.
 In addition, we establish citizen of exclusive prefecture consultation desk to meet health consultation from citizen of prefecture in Osaka Prefecture.
 In addition, targeting at people that infection is suspected by new coronavirus infectious disease, we install new corona consultation consultation center (returnee, contact consultation center) in each territorial jurisdiction of the Edo magistrate Public Health Center.
 For more details, please refer to homepage concerned.
[to news media-like all of you]
 About information pertaining to individuals such as patients, I receive marked consideration from the news within the offer material from the viewpoint of privacy protection, and coverage to medical institution would appreciate your waiting to avoid confusion.

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About Osaka Prefecture new coronavirus-related pneumonia

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