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Update day: March 29, 2019

Osaka is central city of West Japan more than a population of 8 million people, and the downtown area is lined with office and commercial facilities of high-rise building and is big city where means of transportation develop commencing with railway network. On the other hand, we inherit history that prospered as politics, economy of Japan, center of culture from ancient times and are city where landmark architecture and sceneries such as ancient tomb or Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temple still remain. Osaka Bay leading to the Seto Inland Sea spreads to the west, and it is strategic point of traffic on the seas, and other Mikata is surrounded by mountains for a long time and are endowed with rich nature. In addition, there is relatively little rain and is climate that is warm through the year.

It prospered as center of business that rice and special products gathered from all over Japan to be called "kitchen of the world" after the 17th century. It was indispensable to Japanese dishes, and culture of "soup stock" spread out in the whole country from here. In Osaka, various meals develop so as to be said to be town of "ruining by extravagance in food", and "powder things" such as takoyaki or okonomiyaki are popular now. Agriculture and fishery to support food culture are prosperous, and many traditional crafts including knife and tin devices such as kitchen knives are famous, too.

In addition, puppet ballad drama bunraku and kabuki of the Kyoto-Osaka area that were the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, traditional arts such as ability developed in Osaka. Kansai rakugo and comic dialogue are born as public entertainment, and they spread out throughout japan now as culture of "laughter". Entertainment such as professional sports or music such as baseball or soccer is satisfying, too.

There is power to bring about global innovation in Osaka. Thing not to be able to make creates new value that assumed "health, longevity" key by accumulation of manufacturing industry of Osaka that there is not and utilization of advanced technique and aims at providing the result widely in the world.

In 2025, international exhibition is held in Osaka, Kansai. We work for realization of international exposition where people who plan world problem solution to break common sense of past international exposition and visited from the world are excited at.

Come to Osaka full of charm by all means. We will be sincerely waiting.


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